Below we present links to REST-services and applications for digital dictionaries of the Fryske Akademy. The applications and services can be used freely, they are stable and maintained, but not meant for production use. For production use we recommend to use our languageapi and contact us for assistence and agreements. Setup and source code for these dictionaries is open source and can be found here. Documentation of the XML datamodel for the dictionaries can be found here.

Frysk Hânwurdboek (2008) by Pieter Duijff, Frits van der Kuip, Rienk de Haan and Hindrik Sijens.

Nederlânsk–Frysk by Willem Visser (1985).

Frysk–Nederlânsk by Jacobus W. Zantema (1984).

Juridysk Wurdboek Nederlânsk–Frysk (2000) fan Pieter Duijff.

Online Nederlands Fries Woordenboek (2023) door Ylse Fardau de Boer, Eduard Drenth, Pieter Duijff, Frits van der Kuip, Janneke Spoelstra, Hindrik Sijens, Hans Van de Velde, Willem Visser.

Dictionaries at the Fryske Akademy are implemented as datasets with services. The datasets follow a scheme based on TEI and Universal Dependencies and follow this architecture: dictionary architecture

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